We are very pleased with the outcome of our recent Ofsted monitoring inspection. The inspector clearly recognised the swift and effective action we have taken following the inspection of October 2018, (see below) and the rapid progress made as a result. It is particularly pleasing that the inspector saw that we have been proactive in using the previous report “as a ‘lever for change’ and made improvements across the piece, not simply focusing on the areas listed in the previous report.”

He notes that we “have brought about significant improvement in pupils’ behaviour and how well they attend the school”, that we have tightened up our procedures for safeguarding pupils and have introduced additional checks to make sure these are maintained.

He reports that our pupils told him “that lessons are calmer, pupils focus on their work better and there has been a clampdown on poor behaviour, including swearing”, which reflects what he observed around the school. He also comments very favourably on positive developments in the curriculum, staff training and the work of the Governing Body.

The full letter from the Inspector can be found here: LINK



This Ofsted report for Hampden House highlighted areas of strength, especially the progress students are making in English and Mathematics, the life-changing support that enables pupils to return to mainstream schools, and good residential provision that ensures pupils feel safe and cared for.

We fully accept there are some areas that we need to work on, particularly to address the behaviour and attendance of a minority of pupils.  Whilst we are disappointed in the overall grading, we acknowledge the findings of the report.

We are pleased that the report also recognises how staff forge good relations with pupils and work hard to provide care and support for them; that we provide a broad range of academic subjects, activities and intervention; that reading is taught effectively; and that funding is used effectively to promote self-esteem and aid pupils’ progress.

We now have the opportunity to build on the findings of the report to ensure all our pupils receive the best education we can offer.  We have taken swift and effective action to make improvements which are having a positive impact on learning.